About The Artist

“I do not have to travel far to be inspired.”
- Katina Zinner

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
- Anatole France

Artist's Statement

Painting is a way to marry the beauty, turbulence and unanticipated forces of nature to the raging, unquenchable thirst for community and desired peaceful integration between man and the animal kingdom. It creates mindfulness; continually reminding me of the ongoing evolution of our species and how far we still have to go to create a better planet and co-existence for all.

Inspiration comes through assessments of the natural world, undulating waves, patterns of retreating water on the sand, textures in leaves, rocks and trees, powerful complimentary colors magnified by rain and reflections from the ever-changing sky above.

I use the characteristics of irregular / fractal patterns in nature as a system of constraints or guidelines when making decisions about these forms. My work is largely process driven. It starts with a gut feeling—a moment in time whereby the distractions of the outside world gradually fade away. This feeling slowly morphs into a color that then finds its way to my palette—and thus the expression begins.

The muscular elegance of circular lines, calligraphic precision, inexhaustible shades and hues and refracted light as observed in the natural world—I am forever prospecting for deeper meaning from the mystery and magic of nature.

My hope is that my work will arouse and awaken a part of the viewer that is beyond intellect… a deeper more ancient memory rooted in intuitive awareness and our common ancestry with the earth.

Katina Zinner

Nature Poem

Nature centers me
It slows my mind
And allows me to breathe

Nature teaches me time is precious
It stimulates my creativity
And gives me perspective

Nature shows me my place in the big picture
It tests my basic character
And shows me that I am not alone

Nature makes love the most important of emotions
It takes all my angst away
And comforts my restless soul

Nature allows me to be . . .

Katina Zinner